Sexual Harassment Attorney in California

Sexual Harassment in California

State and federal laws entitle you to a safe work environment – one that does not come with the fear of facing sexual harassment or assault. Sadly, countless workers suffer sexual harassment throughout California alone.

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What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual discrimination and harassment occur when a person is treated less favorably because of that person’s sex, which includes sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy or pregnancy-related matters. Additionally, sexual harassment can take many forms, especially if it’s unwanted and intentional from the other party.

What are Some Examples of Sexual Harassment?

  • Unwanted physical touching
  • Intentional invasion of personal space
  • Sexual offers or requests
  • Using sexual favors as leverage
  • Sexual jokes, innuendos or comments
  • Images or videos depicting sexual acts
  • Unsolicited messages or images of a sexual nature
  • Workplace discrimination based on sex or gender


In addition, workplace discrimination based on sex or gender is a red flag for sexual harassment.

In general, any harassment, discrimination or assault of a sexual nature could give you grounds to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator and/or other entities for financial recovery. Other parties, such as your employer, could be held liable for facilitating or failing to stop sexual harassment.

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If the company fails to remedy the situation, you can take your case to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC hears cases of sexual harassment and discrimination and forces guilty parties to offer reparations.

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