Hostile Workplace Attorney in California

Hostile Workplace in California

A hostile work environment is one of the most common types of harassment in the workplace. A hostile work environment can be created by a supervisor, co-worker, or even a non-employee.
Most Californians have experienced hostility in the workplace at least once in their career.

This conflict may originate from either a boss or a fellow employee. While conflict can instill anxiety and stress in the workplace, not all conflicts are illegal and can be settled confidentially through arbitration or mediation. However, it is illegal when the hostility is driven by hate, discrimination, or in retaliation for whistleblowing. It is a violation of your rights as a worker in the state of California.

If you have experienced severe or pervasive harassment or discriminatory conduct in the workplace, you need to know that you have rights under state and federal law that protects you and serve to hold people accountable for their unlawful behavior.

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What is Hostile Workplace Environment?

“Hostile work environment” is a term which describes a workplace where an employee (or group of employees) is subject to discrimination, offensive comments, bullying or unwanted sexual advances — creating an oppressive, intimidating atmosphere where the employee may be even fearful to go to work because of the behavior of the harasser.

However, in order for the hostile work environment to give rise to legal claims against the employer, the hostility to which we refer must be based on a protected class or activity, such as race discrimination, or complaints about safety. In other words, not every hostile act will support a legal claim against the employer.

Are All Forms of Abusive Behavior Prohibited at Workplace?

. Not all abusive behavior is covered under employment law, but much of it is. Hostile work environment laws typically cover workplace discrimination or harassment due to:

  • Sex, Gender, Race, or Age
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Disability
  • Pregnancy
  • Whistleblowing
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Filing


If you are suffering in a hostile work environment because your employer has engaged in discrimination on any of the basis listed above, it is essential to know that you have legal protections.

How to Establish a Hostile Work Environment?

To establish a hostile work environment, the plaintiff must prove each of the following elements by a preponderance of the evidence:

  • The plaintiff was subjected to slurs, insults, jokes, verbal comments, non-consensual physical contact, or intimidation of a discriminatory or harassing nature.
  • The conduct was unwelcome.
  • The conduct was severe or pervasive enough to alter the conditions of the plaintiff’s employment and create an oppressive, abusive, or hostile work environment.
  • The plaintiff perceived the work environment to be abusive or hostile.
  • In the plaintiff’s circumstances, a reasonable individual would consider the working environment abusive or hostile.


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You have the right as a worker in California to work in a safe environment and earn income. When toxic elements in the workplace create a hostile workplace, your rights are directly violated, affecting your ability to work effectively and efficiently.

If the stress and anxiety you experience in the workplace go unchecked, it may affect your mental and personal health years after you leave your place of employment.

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