Employment Law Attorney in California

Employment Law in California

Employees and workers are protected by state and federal laws prohibiting employers from discrimination and retaliation. In addition, these laws provide pregnancy accommodation rights, disability accommodation rights, wage and hours protection, and strict guidelines for workplace harassment.

As an employee, you should feel comfortable and free in your workspace, and any disturbance in that work environment should be looked into if it bears the potential to turn your workplace into a hostile and toxic environment.

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California Labor & Employment Rights

California is a very employee-friendly state and has laws and statutes that offer more protections than those granted at the federal level, although due to the federal and state law jurisdictions, California labor and employment law may be difficult to understand. The California labor and employment laws exist to protect the interests of employees whose rights might be violated.

As a Californian who lives and works in California, you can be certain that your employer is required to comply with all state and federal obligations, as well as any municipal requirements. In fact, employers are often required to display posters and notices prominently in order to inform employees of their rights.

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Types of Employment Cases

The legal team at Soho Law draws from the experience, talent, and the resources available to every team member to help California employees and workers with their cases. We specialize in handling the following cases:

How Can an Employment Attorney Help Me in California?

As soon as an employee feels that there’s no solution to the issues they have been witnessing or experiencing, it becomes a challenging decision to seek advice. 

An employment attorney can help employees with their claims, as employers much bargaining power and employees may find themselves helpless and vulnerable without legal counsel.

An employment attorney can help with:

  • Drafting and preparing your claim
  • Drafting the contract and other legal employment documents for your case
  • Conducting negotiations on your behalf
  • Offering legal advice for legal employment-based issues
  • Offering legal representation

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