Dog Bite and Animal Attack Attorney in California

Dog Bite in California

Dogs are animals that have a lot of human contact they can become dangerous if not properly trained. As the owner of your dog, you are responsible for teaching them how to behave in various situations and socialize them in a proper manner. Suppose you have been bitten or attacked by a canine. In that case, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer specializing in animal attacks to determine if you are entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills and damages and to pursue the at-fault animal owner for compensation as the victim of the injury.

Dog bites can go so much further than broken bones or scarring. The emotional trauma of a canine attack can last a lifetime. If you have been a victim of a dog or animal attack, contact our dog bite attorney at Soho Law now! Call us now at 310-803-9560 for a FREE CONSULTATION

Who is Liable for a Dog Bite/Attack in California?

Depending on the circumstances of your dog bite or attack, the owner of the dog could be liable for all of your damages. Generally, in a situation where your injury was caused by a dog and you were in a public area or lawfully in a private space when the attack occurred, the owner of the dog is liable. In California, there is no “one bite rule” so the dog owner is often liable even if the dog has never bitten or attacked anyone before.

The party that is financially responsible for the costs of your damages depends on the circumstances of your bite or attack injury. It’s not always the case that the dog owner pays out of their pocket, instead the financial resources might come from another source. Some financially responsible parties may include:

Homeowner’s Insurance: If you were bitten or attacked on the dog owner’s property, their homeowner’s insurance may pay for your claim.

Renter’s Insurance: Some landlords require their tenants to carry liability insurance even though the tenant doesn’t own the property. If you were bitten by a renter’s dog, the renter’s insurance company may pay your claim.

Animal Insurance: Some dog owners opt to get insurance coverage for their pets. Oftentimes, this insurance will cover animal medical costs. In the case that the dog bites someone, their animal insurance may pay for your injury claim.

Uninsured: If you are bit by a dog and their owner doesn’t have any kind of insurance that would cover dog bites, they are personally responsible for the costs of your damages. Obtaining a judgement against a dog owner, unfortunately, is no guarantee that you will collect.

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When you file a personal injury claim for your dog bite/attack, you could receive financial compensation for any damages you incurred as a result of your injury. This includes both non-financial and financial losses and costs. This can include your bills and expenses, or lost wages as a result of your injury

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